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We listen to women in business.

We understand their needs, challenges and aims.

We have designed a platform to promote and connect women in business.

We have marketing programmes to build your online presence and networking activities to boost synergies and collaborations and make your business sustainable

"The unique network to give voice to women in business" according to

Il Sole 24 Ore, the most reputable Italian Financial Newspaper

WoW, the unconventional marketing agency you’ll love to be part of.

Ever caught yourself beyond frustrated by traditional marketing agency?

Then there’s someone you need to meet - WoW.

WoW lets you create and manage innovative campaigns through its platform to reach its community of women in business.

With a community of women in business in the UK and in Italy, Marketing with WoW is simple, transparent, and above all, 100% digital.

Be part of WoW joining our community and enjoy its benefits.

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Hassle-free digital marketing support

WoW is the marketing agency that can take care of your digital marketing positioning, from strategy to promotion.

And if you do not have your own SM channels, we can build your online presence though our social media channels

A unique platform. As unique as you.

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"To sustain a business you need vision, planning and discipline"

Marianna Penna, WoW CEO founder 

Without a strategy, no plan can work

Marketing Strategy and Planning is the key to create compelling contents and creative campaigns to engage with the audience for an organic growth.

Marketing nurtures the business growth and and its choices and actions determine its healthy fitness.

Without determining goals, there is no direction, no measurable objectives, no success.


In order to deliver a strategy, a plan and a programme are essential, just like to be fit, you need to plan the workout accordingly.

We have designed Marketing programmes to support women in business that intend to win their unique positioning

Marketing Agency x Publication x Academy x Community

We provide marketing and promotional programmes, brand building and PR services to help women-led businesses thrive by positioning their brand to grow their business through storytelling, innovative campaigns and other bespoke PR services. 

Thanks to our programmes and magazine we can boost your online reputation.

Become a member and you can benefit from our services offering your brand a unique positioning.

With our Academy you can develop your professional skills and enjoy programs and webinars for your personal development and cultivate your passions. 

Book exclusive programs here.

You can also rely on our community to build your network and have business opportunities through collaborations.

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Marketing programmes

Unique and intensive marketing and promotion programmes on our platform and within our community to boost your brand and winning a leading positioning.


Bespoke designed programs and selected courses and masterclasses for your personal as well as professional development.


You can rely on our network of professionals and entrepreneurs to team up with for business opportunities and/or synergies.

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PR Suite

Exclusive PR services on a unique platform designed to promote you in a unique style!

Marketing programmes and promotions

You cannot be a winner or a champion without training and workouts.

Discover our marketing programmes to win your unique challenges and lead your business to a winning positioning.

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be a WoW champion

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With WoW support you do not need to

- be a marketing expert,

- spend time on SM.

We can deal with the following services once we define your business objectives. 


In our programmes we set out a strategy for your winning positioning


We design very innovative campaigns to stand out from the crowd


We create compelling contents to engage with the audience with authenticity


We can build and engage with the audience on our channels and community

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We are devoted to support women-in-business for their personal as well as professional development.

We have partnered with women-led businesses and female professionals to design deliver unique and exclusive masterclasses and webinars.

We are sure you will love them!


Experience WoW Collaborations.

Co-brand with WoW and connect with like-minded women in businesses

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I started my first business in 2006 in London as International Strategic Marketing Consultant to support Italian SME's to set up and promote their businesses in the UK.

A lot has changed since. The arena is much more crowded and competitive but there is always space for original ideas and quality and authentic brands.

My 20 years experience in Marketing and PR, 10 of which for a tax law firm plus two years as Managing Partner, have been crucial for my professional development to the point that I decided to challenge myself again to design a unique platform to support women in business with their marketing creating a special cultural and economic axis between UK and Italy.

As I am Italian working in the UK, I can contribute to build business relationships and facilitate business opportunities between the two countries and exchange experiences, culture in order to create value.

 I know what women in business need as leaders as well as individuals. And I love to help them with strategy and creativity to grow their business organically.

"Collaboration over competition" is my focus aiming for generosity and support between women.

It is not an easy task, but when we have the same objectives standing on common values, we can face any challenge.

WoW is to champion authentic brands to impress and our job is to prepare them with the marketing activities like a coach does with his/her team, where dedication, passion and constant discipline will make the difference.

Victory does not come easy. To be a champion you will sweat, you need constant training and challenging work-out to get you towards your goals.

Similarly, to win a positioning with your business, marketing is your day to day work-out.

We are confident to deliver unique campaigns for you and make your brand stand out and win business.

Marianna Penna, WoW CEO


At WoW this summer has been WOW indeed!

We have partnered with two Italian entrepreneurs and a graduate has been inspired by WoW values and mission for her thesis.

Read more below

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WoW+Vitrizia Collaboration

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WoW hats capsule.

Nicoletta Carneiro x WoW Collaboration

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The Campaign

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Be WoW becoming a member and enjoying the benefits of our services and of being part of our women-in-business community.