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Essenceand Substance  are in  harmonyfor Sustainability


Be Sustainable. Be Authentic.

WoW supports women to nurture and express their essence in order to give substance to a sustainable business.

WoW is a unique networking platform that provides PR and marketing services through a membership model and publication platform.

We support members to boost their online reputation through WoW’s own publication platform, to position their brand and grow their business through storytelling, innovative campaigns and other bespoke PR services.

You can subscribe as a member to access our innovative services to build and/or boost your personal and/or corporate reputation.

WoW garden

WoW aims to nurture women's business growth. Through our community of women in business you can connect with women and empower women celebrating their stories, values and ‘wow moments’ featuring female entrepreneurs and professionals.

WoW Garden is our virtual special space to connect, share and collaborate.
It is the ideal garden to nurture the seeds of women that want to express themselves and grow.

Where our essence and our substance are balanced to flourish.

Take part to our community on our SM to build your connections

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"Sustain women, sustain the future".

This is our motto.

We sustain and look after women in businesses that care about the environment and the future generations.

We can assist women in sustainable businesses, in art, culture and tourism.

If you need help and support, this is the space to grow your business sustainably.

We would love to know about your business.


Our community is made of women that support women but also men and whoever is supporting women not only are welcome, but necessary to make our worls sustainable and grow.

Build your brand  and boost your business growth

Bouquet of Flowers


Nurturing the essence of women to succeed in their business and flourish


Having a diverse and inclusive sustainable eco-system where women can collaborate over competition and grow.

Becoming a WoW member you can access different level of subscriptions and starting to increase your brand awareness and build commercial partnerships.


Sustainability is the key to our survival on this planet and will also determine success on all levels.

Shari Arison,

Businesswoman & Philanthropist