Why #WoWChallenge

A few words from WoW founder

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Professionalism and creativity are my key ingredients at work and getting a balance between the two is very challenging. I love collaborating with women  as I find it very empowering, encouraging and it can be fun. Women push themselves very hard in life especially when they run their own business. Business becomes their own extent  and they seek for acknowledgment. And I know and see what is the price behind that: the pursuit of perfection, guilt and sometimes a poor relationship with finances. As a female professional working with other businesses managed and owned by women, I experience every day how hard can be the world of work for women.

Over the years I have built a large network of women in business with dreams, ambitions and a lot of fear. As we have the power of sharing and connect, with WoW, I want to give a platform to businesswomen to tell their stories, share their values and the ‘wow moments’ that make it all worthwhile.






The aim of WoW is to connect and empower women and celebrate their stories, values and ‘wow moments’ featuring entrepreneurs and professionals.

WoW showcases inspiring women and promote the tangible value of females in business as they contribute to the economy and society. We will be showcasing 24 'womentrepreneurs' and female professionals from UK and Italy representing the WoW values and inspiring us everyday.

If you are in business and have a story to share, please do so, saying with a snapshot. We need more and more inspiring women to spread the value of women in business. 

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We want to know your story.

We want to hear your voice. Say it with a snapshot!

Why WoW?

Marianna Penna explains why LEXeFISCAL has launched the #WoWChallenge​ this #InternationalWomensDay​.

WoW - Women on Women Launch

Let's celebrate the International Women's Day spreading with generosity the value of women in business through connection, contribution and collaboration.