WoW hats capsule

WoW+Vitrizia is the signature of the collaboration between WoW - Women on Women and Vitrizia.

Vitrizia is the Neapolitan brand of handcrafted wool hats by designer Patrizia Visone.

The result of the collaboration is the “WoW” hats capsule.

Marianna and Patrizia recognized a strong connection between their missions. Through WoW, Marianna communicates with an eclectic community of women and Patrizia, through her fashion, communicates with women individually. Starting from this stand point and with their complementing skills, both women saw that they could join to form a unique partnership: WoW+Vitrizia hat caspule to represent and dialogue with women in business.

The fusion between the metropolitan and innovative English communication style with which WoW works and the artistic and cosmopolitan expression of Vitrizia created the “WoW+Vitrizia” ultimate headwear capsule with an “Urban Artwear” mood for the modern businesswoman.


This mood expresses the style of women who seek originality, to be worn with awareness and pride - real, authentic pieces of art.

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