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Nicoletta Carneiro for WoW sunwear capsule collection.

An essential, limited edition and timeless capsule that dresses women with an “Active” and/or “Relax” soul. 

Whether she is in Active or Relaxed version, on the beach, at the pool, in the mountains, in the countryside, or simply in a garden, the WoW woman interpreted by Nicoletta Carneiro is the career woman who intends to enjoy the sun and nature in style, feeling at ease and in love with herself, with the people and the environment  around her.


Enjoy the collection and the sun!

Marianna & Nicoletta


The Active line for an active and energetic woman who wants a garment that interprets her style: a mother who is with her children, sportswomen who do activities or simply women that have a dynamic verve and love to express it fully.

Bikinis, tops, culottes, one piece reversible in purple or yellow according to their mood: sophisticated or energetic like the sun.

Also a single bikini model was created for girls that represents the care and attention of our future women.

The Relax line, iconic, with the print of the Mimosa flower, symbol of the WoW woman, strong and rooted, delicate and strong, that is the woman who loves to enjoy the sun and the nature that surrounds her, feeling feminine and at ease.

Bikini, American and reversible one-piece. The iconic print is that of a mimosa that represents femininity, strength and at the same time the delicacy of the woman, in a reversible solution in a truly distinctive yellow colour.

In addition, cover-ups, tunic and beach cover-up shirts complete the outfit.


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