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Wellness For Business
To Walk Your Talk

From the 1st of March to the 10th of April this is our signature mentoring program to celebrate women in business between London and Italy. Absolutely free of charge to help women to get to their next step in their business and boost their confidence with the knowledge that we can all walk our talk.

Welcome to our Walk The Talk Festival to celebrate women in business for the whole month of March and beyond.

WoW will host incredibly useful and insightful online workshops series “Wellness For Business To Walk Your Talk” with 10 wonderful experts - both English and Italian - that do not just talk the talk, but that walk the talk. 
An opportunity to learn from other women (and even some men) in business and take away tools that can help you to prepare yourself for business success, through health, wellbeing, and mindset and to prepare your business for success through strategy, marketing and finance sessions.

We are offering a holistic approach to balance personal goals that can gift your business with growth in a more sustainable way.

For the above reason, to make the most of the program, we recommend you to take part to all the sessions.

If you cannot, you can register and join the ones that suit you most!

Looking forward to see you and walk further together!

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