2021 WoW Women

 2021 #wowchallenge

In March 2021, WoW showcased inspiring women and promote the tangible value of females in business as they contribute to the economy and society. We have featured 24 'womentrepreneurs' and female professionals from UK and Italy representing the WoW values inspiring us everyday.


Each woman showcased has, in turn, pointed the spotlight onto fellow ‘womentrepreneurs’ to share the message of solidarity and support within their digital communities using the #WoWChallenge hashtag. Throughout the pandemic, creating connections with others in the digital world has never been more crucial for the livelihoods and mental wellbeing of women in business.

At WoW - Women on Women, in occasion of the International Women's Day celebrations for the whole month of March, we’ve gathered knowledgeable, passionate womentrepreneurs and professionals in London, Naples and Rome to form our inspiring community. Their professionalism, creativity and drive for business are the keys for women to keep up with the ever-evolving contemporary world.

Below our participants to 2021 challenge

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