Calling all women in business!

We want to hear your voice.
Accept the challenge: say it with a snapshot!

WoW – Women on Women is an initiative conceived by London-based boutique Tax Law firm, LEXeFISCAL .
It was launched in February 2021 in occasion  of IWD to support women in business during the pandemic showcasing 12 women UK-based and 12 women Italy-based to celebrate their successes and resilience.

We have launched a digital #WoWChallenge to raise awareness for women in business, spotlighting entrepreneurs and professionals.
We want to share stories of female entrepreneurs and professionals. Therefore we are challenging you to share your ones as well with a snapshot!
Follow us and use the #WoWChallenge hashtag to get involved with celebrating the 'wow moments' that 'womentrepreneurs' and female professionals achieve when they follow their ambitions.

express yourself

With a snapshot, you can choose to share with WoW community a funny story of yours.

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live the moment

With a snapshot tell WoW community your story at work. Even if you are not enjoying the moment it is part of your life. Share it!

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together is better

With a snapshot you can share with WoW community a story with your team or colleagues.

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my cup of tea

With a snapshot tell WoW community what is your most enjoyable moment at work.

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Team working

A funny story

Work challenges

Take your time



We want to hear your story.

Say it with a snapshot!

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How #WoWChallenge works:

1. Post a snapshot (on your social media network of choice) which signifies a ‘wow moment’ in your career or life which has been made possible with the support of other women.


2. Tag three ‘womentrepreneurs’ and female professionals in your post to share the challenge.

3. Use the hashtag #WoWChallenge and tag WoW LEXeFISCAL on the links below:


4. Briefly describe your WoW moment for your audience.

5. et voila! You have joined the WoW movement, demonstrating your strength and solidarity with like-minded women, increasing the awareness of equality in the workplace and beyond.


"We are all Winners"

WoW challenge March 2021

On April the 1st we have closed our #wowchallenge. We have achieved a great result as a group bonded by a common drive: “community over competition”.

Some Italian media have defined our #wowchallenge “a great experiment of collective social marketing”.

Thanks again to all participants to have put themselves forward💪🏻🌹#wowchallenge #togetherisbetter #womenvalue #womeninbusiness #professionals #entrepreneurs

We Are all Winners Certificate.png